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Adult Classes

Fitness All fitness levels
Is a fusion of Latin & International Dance routines that feature aerobic & fitness interval training with a combination of fast & slow rhythms that tone & sculpt the body. Improve your heart rate, reduces stress levels, burn up to 700 calories per class, while having a blast!

/ All fitness levels
Is the same fusion of Latin & International rhythms infuses with muscle toning exercises. In a very short period of time, this workout will reshape, tone your whole body, help you build muscular strength & coordination. 

 Zumba® Gold/ Low Intensity
It is a low intensity but high energy dance fitness class for older active adult, or any other special population that may need MODIFiCATION for success.This Fun Latin inspired dance class includes: Merengue, Salsa, Rock & Roll, Tango, & more. It is a safe, easy to do & an effective total body workout. It's great for the mind, body & soul but most importantly your heart.

PiYo™ Strength/ All fitness levels
It is a fusion workout based o
n the principals of Yoga and Pilates, core conditioning, stretch and dance. Low Impact, yet the dynamic blend of movement increases balance, strength, core stability, and flexibility as well as burn calories, promote weight loss. PiYo™ Strength is suitable for all fitness levels.

 Mat Pilates & Sculpt/ Beginners
This a Fun and invigorating workout that teaches various Mat Pilates exercises. Focus on core conditioning, muscle balance, proper alignment, flow of movement, strenght and flexibility, followed by a great upper body sculpting routine. Bring a sticky mat and 3-5 lb dumbells

Ballroom & Latin Dance
Have Fun, Exercise, while learning formal and social dancing Styles! Ballroom and Latin dancing includes Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, and more.

 Adult Hip Hop
This an energetic class that will get you excited and grooving to the latest sounds in Pop, R&B, Hip hop music. This class is designed for participants with some, little, or no dance experience. This Class uses clean Hip hop music.

African Dance
Come & Learn traditional Dances, Rhythms, & Songs From Senegal, Mali, & Guinea. It's a Fun, high energy dance class that will work your entire body, while energizing your mind. No previous dance experience necessary.

Family Dance / ages 5 - Adult
This fun and energetic class allows Kids and Adults to dance and exercise while having a Fun time. This is also an opportunity for the kids to share what they have learned with their family.

Youth & Teen Classes

Sing & Dance Along/
Ages 18 months-2
This is an introduction to music and creative movement for children ages 18 months to 3 years old accompanied with parents or caregivers. We will song the nursery rhymes, incorporate props, and other fun song, while dancing to familiar and favorite tunes and experiencing a variety of Latin and world rhythms. This is a fun energetic class that will stimulates children's learning through song, dance and play.

Kids Praise in motion / ages 2 - 5
This is a fun music class for children ages 2-5 years where they will sing, dance, and use expressive movements to all the favorite children's christian songs. By using props, musical instruments, singing, and dancing, the children will increase their focus, memorization and communication skills.
French Playgroup/ Ages 3 - 5 
This is a fun class for children ages 3 to 5 years old. The children will learn basic concept in French such as colors, numbers, shapes, letters, and simple words and sentences by engaging in active play. listening to stories and dancing. What could be better than learning a new language in a fun and stimulating way!

Creative Dance/ Ages 3-5
This is a Fun, Stimulating, and Imaginative class for children ages 3 to 5 years old. We experiment with props, rhythm instruments, music and movement. This class offers creative ways to help children learn coordination and rhythm. Basic hip hop, Jazz, & ballroom dance steps will be introduces in these fun classes!

(zumba kids)/ Ages 6-12
 Zumba Kids combines Latin and International rhythms with dance movements to create a party- like atmosphere where kids have fun dancing  and exercising all at the same time. This dance fitness class will get kids moving to Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Soca, and more. Zumbatomic increased their focus and self-confidence, boosting metabolism and enhancing coordination.

African Dance
/ Ages 6-12, & Teens
Jump, shimmy, turn & swing in this Fun & exciting African dance class. The children will learn basic foundation of African movement that will improve their balance, rhythms, and physical coordination. This class also includes an exploration of Jazz, and Flamenco dance styles as well.

Hip Hop / Ages 5-7
High energy, fun, and age-appropriate class, where the  children will learn basic Hip-Hop movements and techniques while having Fun dancing to the latest Christian  Hip-Hop music.

Hip Hop & Swing / ages 8-12
High energy class that use the latest christian sounds in christian music. Each class will consist of a warm up, hip hop techniques, across activities and learning choreography. The children will also learn the basics foundation of swing dancing.

Liturgical  Dance/ Ages 8-12 & Teens
This class gives the children an opportunity to worship God through the body movement. The children are lead through a series of movements that will teach them the technical fundamentals of basic Liturgical Dance. Movement will be explored through many forms of dance such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, African, modern.

Keiki Hula / Ages 6-12
Keiki Hula is an introduction to Auana, (contemporary), style of hula from the Hawaiian Islands. Students will learn the basic movements and songs  of the Hawaiian people

Ballroom & Latin Dance
/ Ages 8-17
Ballroom and Latin Dance is great way to help children feel comfortable and confident in any social setting, the different dance styles help develop their agility, coordination, good posture and grace.
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